Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Married

On 14 of April 2007 I got married :-D.

My wife's name is Katarzyna (Cathrine) but everybody calls her Kasia.
We are a couple for five and a half years now.
We studied together Physics on Warsaw Technical University.

The wedding went marvelous. We arrived in stylish white "Warszawa"[pl] (which is actually licensed Pobeda) . We had beautiful weather - it was sunny and warm but not hot. Cathy looked stunning, and our guest say that my morning suit looked great ;-). Church[pl] in which wedding took place has unforgettable atmosphere, especially inside.

Our wedding party was also a great success :-D. The ball room[pl] was beautifully decorated, food was delicious and looked great ;-). But the best was the band[pl]. They simply rocked ]:->. Well they didn't forget about standards, so our aunts and uncles were also very happy ;-).

So to make long story short:
I'm a happy husband now :-D.

Please visit our website[pl]. When we'll get some pictures from the wedding we'll put them there.

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